Monday, August 31, 2015

Making progress slow but sure!

It's been a couple of weeks and things have been very hectic about the house. DH got sick and ended up in the ER, then the hospital for about 4 days. It was my week off so the timing was alright but not how we had wanted to spend a vacation. Thankfully he's getting better and I am preparing to return to work tomorrow. Have been pluggin along on the soldering bezel front as you can see in the picture some progress is being made but sllloooowwwly.

Started making the bezel which isn't so bad, then began soldering the bezel to a backing....ran into issues with my Butane torch, it's not hot enough. Purchased a Small Torch using propane/oxygen and that seems to be helping although learning about flame and heat so that I don't melt my metals, lol.

Thankfully Stacking Rings are relatively stress free and can make these with no issue. Worked on a couple of orders this week and got those mailed out today.

So now that I have been working on the soldering thing I had to get back to making up a couple of bracelets for the shop. Have a couple pairs of earrings and will make up a couple more rings before First Saturday at the the shop. First Saturday is a meet and greet between the local businesses and the new students coming to college. Local businesses will sometimes hold sales and drawings to help the students wander downtown and learn what Potsdam has to offer. I am a local tattoo artist so it's always nice to do a meet and greet with the new student, sometimes meeting the parents as well and that's always fun. My business partner Paul Mattot runs Piercings by Tat2Pauly at the same location and he as well runs sales and specials for the students as a welcome back.
Lots of fun, lots of chaos but a good time to be had by all.
So here is a sneak peak of what's been going on here at the house.

Hopefully will have more to show when I get an actual bezel soldered correctly lol. Hope everyone had a great week!!

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