Monday, August 31, 2015

Making progress slow but sure!

It's been a couple of weeks and things have been very hectic about the house. DH got sick and ended up in the ER, then the hospital for about 4 days. It was my week off so the timing was alright but not how we had wanted to spend a vacation. Thankfully he's getting better and I am preparing to return to work tomorrow. Have been pluggin along on the soldering bezel front as you can see in the picture some progress is being made but sllloooowwwly.

Started making the bezel which isn't so bad, then began soldering the bezel to a backing....ran into issues with my Butane torch, it's not hot enough. Purchased a Small Torch using propane/oxygen and that seems to be helping although learning about flame and heat so that I don't melt my metals, lol.

Thankfully Stacking Rings are relatively stress free and can make these with no issue. Worked on a couple of orders this week and got those mailed out today.

So now that I have been working on the soldering thing I had to get back to making up a couple of bracelets for the shop. Have a couple pairs of earrings and will make up a couple more rings before First Saturday at the the shop. First Saturday is a meet and greet between the local businesses and the new students coming to college. Local businesses will sometimes hold sales and drawings to help the students wander downtown and learn what Potsdam has to offer. I am a local tattoo artist so it's always nice to do a meet and greet with the new student, sometimes meeting the parents as well and that's always fun. My business partner Paul Mattot runs Piercings by Tat2Pauly at the same location and he as well runs sales and specials for the students as a welcome back.
Lots of fun, lots of chaos but a good time to be had by all.
So here is a sneak peak of what's been going on here at the house.

Hopefully will have more to show when I get an actual bezel soldered correctly lol. Hope everyone had a great week!!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Bench Arrived and New Jewelry!

The Bench arrived day before yesterday which made shipping records I am sure since I had just ordered it on Monday! So I began unpacking and putting things together when I became a little
disappointed in the quality. The wood is all pine and I did read that but I know enough to 
understand there are also grades of pine, this bench clearly wasn't made with a top grade of wood. I am happy with it for what is is but still a little let down. However I will use it daily and have contacted the company.

I can either sit or stand at this and like that about it as well.

I made this pendant last night with a Swarovski Crystal in a setting, some beads and a bail. Loved
the color of this crystal and how it captures light! 

This is a new bracelet that I call Autumn, made with a gold tone flatware and beads. I used a lobster
claw clasp with chain to make it adjustable. Both items are available, just comment below if you
are interested.

The week has been busy between the shop and filling orders for jewelry! I am taking a week off from working at the shop to spend some time with our grandson Mason. We will have him for a week!
Hope everyone has a fantastic day!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

New Day and Photography

Have been trying to step up my game with taking photos. It's not that I don't like it but it's just another
step for me that I have to do in order to promote and get my work out there. It's all about
what the customer sees so you really want the pictures to be nice and clear.
I don't edit my photos much other than cropping and adjusting the light after that it's up 
to me to try and get a good usable photo. 
I decided to use my 35mm digital yesterday later in the afternoon (wasn't feeling well
all day yesterday) and got some pretty decent pics outside. Tell me
what you think.

I do like the light outside better and think that I am going to try using my iPhone 6+ as the camera
on that thing is pretty good and see what I can do for photos later today. I have a new
bracelet in the works so stay tuned!! 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

New Beginnings for Loria Designs

     I recently decided I had better get my website up and running as it's been a year and a half with little or no work on it. I personally don't care for maintaining a website but know that there is a necessity for it and that it helps me in the long run to get my product out there so.....on the website I have included a BLOGGER page because I want to keep in touch with people, talk about what is going on and share events, pictures and video of the business as well as some personal aspects of life.

     I began creating beautiful pieces of jewelry several months ago after seeing a website online and knew right then that I wanted to create bracelets and rings for the masses, lol. I also wanted a more classy vintage style so decided on using up cycled flatware. This process also required an investment of tools and some knowledge so many hours were spent researching and purchasing said tools. The end result has been very rewarding and satisfying for me and so the birth of Loria Designs LDSilverwearables came to be. I love creating jewelry that makes people smile. Some clients have even provided specific pieces of flatware that perhaps belonged to a family member, an heirloom that they want made into a wearable piece to remember them by. Here are a few pictures of some gorgeous pieces I have made.

 Stainless Steel makes for a great bracelet, its sturdy and does come in various patterns. I typically use a lobster claw clasp or a handmade silver clasp for Stainless steel as the magnets are so powerful they tend to grab at everything on the bracelet.
Above: Just a beautiful classic pattern with just a little bit of patina to give it a vintage look. Charms and beads set this stunning piece apart from the crowd!
Above: The pattern for this flatware just called Celestial to me so we have a pretty blue bead with the Moon and Star charms.

Right: What can I say, this gold tone Stainless Steel is a show stopper! Very rich looking with coordinating beads and charm make this a must have!